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Three Pillars for a Good Legal Foundation

Business Law Attorney in Davidson, NC

      Davidson, NC businesses and corporations have a growing need for experienced, committed, and trustworthy legal representation. They need a business law attorney they can count on to always put their interests first. There is no need to go to the big firms and pay big dollars when the same level of experience and competence is here in Davidson. All of your time and energy can be focused on your legal needs and not combating traffic or big-city inconveniences. I believe in providing high-quality legal services in anefficient and cost-effective manner. 

EXPERIENCE: I have been assisting local, national and international companies in their corporate and business needs for over 40 years.  I have provided assistance and legal counsel for (but not limited to):
- A & D projects to permanent refinancing
- start-up companies to construction of new facilities
- employment contracts to purchase agreements
- non-competes to termination agreements.
I have worked in a variety of legal offices, with firms ranging from two attorneys to 160 attorneys. Davidson Business Law has provided, and will continue to provide, legal counsel for a wide range of other business, corporate, and commercial real estate matters. 

COMMITMENT: I dedicate my time and energy to each and every client matter. I provide all necessary services to my client, and the client's best interest is the entirety of my focus. I commit fully to my clients and hold that bond of trust sacred.
TRUST:  I believe professionalism is paramount in working with clients. I pride myself on my professionalism, which carries with it an invaluable trust and bond between me and my clients. I understand that business and corporate clients need legal advice they can trust from a lawyer that is committed to protecting their interests. I provide legal advice upon which a client can depend; my clients can be assured that I will follow through with my advice. I will always do what I say and deliver what is promised. 

        2017 to Present Top Rated Business Attorney
     2017 to Present Best Lawyers in America
        2018 to Present AV Preeminent Judges and Lawyer Rating
         America’s Most Honored Professional



B.A. Davidson College
J.D. University of Richmond
Licensed to practice in the following courts:
       - All North Carolina and Virginia (Inactive) State
       - All Federal Courts of North Carolina
         and Virginia
       - U.S. Supreme Court
Presenter at seminars on Various Aspects of Trial Evidence for the NC Advocates of Justice and Festival of Learning
Past Commissioner for the Town of Davidson

I have had the good fortune of working with a great number of seasoned business and corporate lawyers over the years. I have also experienced the implication of various points contained in various business and corporate documents by having litigated these matters in court. I believe this combination of transactional law and litigation give me a unique point of view when not only drafting documents but when discussing ramifications with my clients. If an issue arises there is no need to bring in a litigator because I have that experience.

David, Business Law Attorney In Davidson, NC


In Re Williamson Village; 669 S.E.2d 310 - North Carolina Supreme Court

    Representing the Condominium Developer in a matter of first impression for NC courts. Favorable decision in the interpretation of the condominium documents with the NC General Statutes. 

                A commercial condominium developer substantially complied with the Condominium Act even though the declaration did not include a development time limit for the exercise of reserved development rights and thus could build an additional condominium building on the property.   

Vue-Charlotte  v. Sherman, 719 S.E.2d 161 - North Carolina Court of Appeals        
revailed in the interpretation of a liquidated damages clause and contract termination clause.

“Whenever a court is called upon to interpret a contract its primary purpose is to ascertain the intention of the parties at the moment of its execution.” The intention of the parties is to be ascertained from “the expressions used, the subject matter, the end in view, the purpose sought, and the situation of the parties at the time.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Hospital Authority v. Talford, 727 S.E.2d 866 - North Carolina Supreme Court
                    Prevailed in the interpretation of contract and Rule of Court. The interpretation involved a hospital contract for services and the subsequent action to recover for those services. 

                    In addition to those reported cases above, I have been involved in many cases involving construction contract interpretation, non-competes; employment contracts and pay issues, shareholder disputes, management disputes and other matters that could arise from all types of business contract issues. I have put together commercial real estate deals from 5 million to 200 million dollars.

                   For that reason I believe I am in a good position to forecasts results of various contract points and can draft documents which will provide the most protection for my clients. 


Gerardo Muraira

Chief Operating Officer
Nutec Inc

“Sandy Carnegie was absolutely important for us to establish and open a new company in the area. His knowledge, experience, work ethic and professionalism helped us to establish our new Company in a really short time and with excellent results. He is a big part of the success of our Company and we will always recognize his important role in our beginnings”


Bob McKillop    

Head Basketball Coach

Davidson College

“I have known Sandy Carnegie for 40 years. I have worked with him on many different matters and have always been impressed with his knowledge and expertise in business matters. I have complete trust in his ability to get the job done and get it right. Several words come to mind when I think of Sandy Carnegie as a person and as an attorney…honesty, integrity, intelligent, experienced, dedicated, hard-working, and highly professional. I am honored to have the opportunity to be a voice of advocacy, and I enthusiastically recommend working with him.”

Dr. Dan L. Morrill

Consulting Director
Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

As Director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission HLC), I am fully aware of Prosser (Sandy) Carnegie's legal expertise and accomplishments. Sandy has served as attorney for the HLC for several years. Consequently, he and I have regularly worked together on a broad range of issues.
Sandy Carnegie is a consummate professional. His abilities to analyze and comprehend real estate law have been invaluable to the Historic Landmarks Commission. Sandy fulfills his responsibilities on a timely basis and always provides cogent advice. The acumen which Sandy brings to the tasks he performs for the HLC is truly outstanding.


Andrew Durstewitz

CEO and Co-Founder

D9 Brewing Company

“The honesty, transparency and integrity of Mr. Carnegie are the reasons that we have trusted our legal needs to him. As the owner of a rapidly growing startup, we found our selves significantly challenged in navigating the complex legal landscape of our industry. The support and guidance of Mr. Carnegie has allowed us to focus on what's important, growing our business. We can't recommend him enough!”




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